Hape's Bilder der Kj÷lur Reittour durchs islńndische Hochland

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We start with a new horseshoe

ridum, ridum, ridum....

view from Blafell to Fremstaver where we spent the night

dinner is ready

Sidrun & Hjelti

Lena, our tourguide


waiting in the rain

lunch break....

"saddle parking"

Hanspeter & Faxi

Hveravellir - hot pool

how nice and warm

International group picture

Crossing the river

The herd is coming....

....closer and closer

Simone at midnight


It's 20░C....

...Monica & Mirjam

Dusty labour

enjoying the sun!

20th anniversary Kj÷lur Tour


"Mr. IsHestar"

For insider only...

Our herd

End of a great ride